Raduno guzzi mandello 2017


raduno guzzi mandello 2017

PROMO XIV Raduno Internazionale Moto Guzzi Cava de' Tirreni 2017

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The Steering Committee Comitato di Pilotaggio - CdP met to discuss the general progress of the ongoing activities related to the project. More specifically, the focus was on:. Its main function is to manage the project's governance and to produce, through the support and activity of the technical coordinator, specific implementation guidelines for the benefit of the various geographic areas involved. This is the place where the various requests can be analyzed and thought through. With an interactive and didactic approach, each of them illustrates the fundamental themes to be addressed in the design of a car: safety, reliability, engines, materials, consumption, emissions, electronic and computer technologies, comfort, recycling. The first one is to be a crucial place for the discussion on innovation and on car and mobility technology. The second one is the commitment to the didactics, training and education, which are fundamental elements that confirm the international role of the Turin area in the automobile world".

Mandello del Lario, 10 September — The passion for Moto Guzzi was victorious once again in this edition of Open House, despite the falling rain throughout the weekend that was unable to extinguish the love for the Eagle brand that animates the soul of every Guzzista. Thousands reached the Mandello plant astride their bikes, participating in the Open House with the most activities ever for the public, first and foremost including tours of the production lines where all Moto Guzzi bikes have always been hand built and the Museum, the historical heritage of Moto Guzzi that houses more than motorcycles. From the GP of its origins to the MGS, going through the first Normale produced in , the Museum collection is a true cult path dedicated to the fans, as is the magnificent Wind Tunnel, the first in the motorcycle field. At the centre of the Moto Guzzi Village , in the heart of the plant, the music of Virgin Radio alternated with entertainment led by Ringo. But just as popular was the music made by the V-twin engines in the fleet of bikes that were available for the plus test rides taken: forty-five bikes representing the entire current Moto Guzzi range. The stars of the festivities were the V7 and V9 units.

A tribute to the Italian champion 40, born in the Tuscan town of Carrara, regarded as one of the strongest goalies in the history of football meticulously organised by the French club, with an accompaniment of Italian music and flags mixed with those of the PSG team. Source photos and video: www. The party was held two days early, on Saturday 27 May , with numerous VIP guests from the worlds of music and entertainment. Starting with U2 rock band front man Bono: in the photo — published by the world media — Bono appears on the saddle of the fantastic Vespa RED , limited edition www. On 28 and 29 May, Noel devoted himself to his fans taking part in two events directly in contact with the public, to talk about music and his first fifty years. His achievement is a first in the annals of the famous Italian song festival broadcast in Eurovision and watched by millions of fans all over the world : Francesco is the first singer in the year history of the Sanremo festival to win in the two main categories of the song contest in two consecutive years. With his broad easy smile, Francesco Gabbani, the author of humorous songs with a message, then represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, Ukraine.


The main topic of the second meeting was the "Security of Tourism in the Age of Technologies", which is the title of the conference opened by Riccardo Fasoli , the Mayor of Mandello, who wanted to focus the attention on digital tools to relaunch the territory, starting from the Moto Guzzi Museum, the heart of the historic factory where the myth of the Aquila was born. The most significant data on identity thefts and online scams at the expense of those who use the network also for purchases, travels and hotel reservations have been illustrated by Salvatore La Barbera, the Communications Police Executive for Lombardy Region.

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International Motorcycle Rally and Other Events. Every year Mandello del Lario hosts a variety of motorcycling events related to the famous Moto Guzzi brand. The first rally was held in Milan on May 8, , with over motorcycles from all over Italy. After a long break, in the newborn Motoclub Carlo Guzzi, under the direction of former rider Duilio Agostini, organized the first national rally in Mandello del Lario, which also saw the presence of many foreign enthusiasts. Given the success of the event, Duilio Agostini decided to organize other three rallies in the following years. With the passing of time, the Mandello del Lario International Motorcycle Rally has become an annual event, in which special anniversaries of the eagle brand are celebrated with the arrival of thousands of fans from all over the world.






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