Metro last light good ending


metro last light good ending

Contrary to , in Metro Last Light many fans believed that both endings were good, in-part because the C'est la Vie ending had a far more heroic spin to it.

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Like the first game, Metro , there is a secret alternate ending that can be found if you happen to make the right moral choices throughout the game. Some choices are given, some need to be achieved quickly, and some are cleverly hidden. When you perform certain actions in Metro: Last Light , you will see the screen slightly flash white and there will be a short tone that accompanies it. While both endings give different outcomes and different answers, the alternate ending gives a more detailed look as to what happens after the events of the game. Below are the items and events that triggered the flashes for us and contributed to the alternate ending.

Spoiler ahead! For Metro there is an Enlightened Ending where Artyom makes a decision of saving or destroying the Dark Ones , and a Ranger Ending where Artyom simply destroys them by the orders of Hunter. For Exodus, there is the "Your Destination" ending where Artyom lives and becomes the new leader of both the Order and a new community at Lake Baikal, and the "Eternal Voyage" ending where Artyom dies of radiation poisoning. See also: Metro Novel. In the Metro novel, Artyom realizes that the Dark Ones are not as hostile as he had originally thought, and actually would assist humans in surviving the harshness of metro life, as they were - as the book says - "someone who could help establish communications between their deaf and blind elder brothers -- with people". As the realization dawns on Artyom, so does the fact that he cannot do anything to stop the missiles, as they are a last thought going through his head. The 'Ranger' ending is considered the canonical ending as it is very similar to the novel.

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Is the good ending of metro last light the canon one? Help self. So in exodus you still play as Artyom 3 years later, but in the neutral ending in last light he dies. But there is the ending where the dark ones stop you from detonating the bomb. This might sound dumb but I was just a little confused about it. I would assume that like metro last light in regards to , exodus will start by telling us what happened so that we will know.

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How to Get the Good Ending in "Metro Last Light"

It's almost impossible to talk about how to get a particular ending for a video game without spoiling some story points along the way. - There are two endings to the game and they display right after you deal with the last wave of enemies.


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