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horror adventure games pc

Top 10 Free Horror Games for the PC 2018 (Downloads in Description)

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Horror games are fun because they let you experience thrills you'd never really want to see in a safe way. The best horror games still scare the hell out of you but it's that lurch, that moment of ohJesusGodwhatthehell that makes you feel alive. And maybe a bit sweary. This list is, in our opinion, a selection of the best horror games around - from old classics from the past that still hold up to a range of more modern ones that perfect the art, or push new boundaries. If you're a horror fan then there's bound to be something here for you, from short experiences to lengthy ordeals, trad gore to experimental psychological abuse and plenty more.

Looking for spooks? Whether you're into jump scares, interactive fiction, thematically interesting stories or just large men running after you with a chainsaw, we've filled this list with a wide variety of games that'll hopefully freak you the hell out. Like our lists of best strategy games or best FPS games , we tried to focus on a variety of horror experiences that still hold up well today, though we've expanded the remit slightly to include a few retro curios as well. For more, also check out our overall list of the best games to play today. What starts as a bold, scary reboot certainly gets closer to the more recent action-oriented entries in its later chapters, but exploring the Baker family's grimy plantation in Resident Evil 7 is a grisly treat. The detail of this setting is amazing, and in the first half of the game, there's such a sense of the unknown that you're cautiously poking around every corner and treating bullets like they're gold. Resi 7's videotapes, which have you play out-of-context asides shedding more light on the Baker family and the story, offer the game's best and most experimental moments.

This is a list of horror video games. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries. Retrieved Game Informer. PC Gamer.

Over warships, carriers and destroyers — you're in command as epic clashes rage across the seas. Realistic free-to-play MMO action tests your strategy, tactics and toughness! Outlast is a first-person horror action-adventure survival video game released in Thanks for voting! Please tell us why you like it! Please tell us why you don't like it!

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List of horror video games

Apsulov: End of Gods is a Viking-themed horror game that blends Nordic mythology with futuristic technology. The result is an epic, sci-fi first-person adventure in which players are tasked with uncovering the secrets of Yggdrasil, a mythical land comprised of nine different realms.

What are the best horror games for PC?

From Outlast to Amnesia, here are the best PC horror games that you won't be able to forget in a hurry -- whether you like it or not. When it comes to PC horror gaming, there is no shortage of titles for you to play when the moon is high and the lights are dimmed. The best PC horror games offer an unending list filled with indie-developed terrors and AAA fright fests of varying qualities. Duplicates from the same series. If you needed any additional proof that ghost girls are the scariest thing ever, just turn to this action-packed shooter.





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