Air berlin cancellation policy

Airberlin Is Getting Out Of Paying Compensation For Delayed Flights

air berlin cancellation policy

Germany's second largest carrier Air Berlin has filed for insolvency flight cancelled compensation eu for cancelled flight and for delayed and overbooked flights. By continuing, you accept our Terms and Privacy statement.

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Please refresh the page and retry. A fter months of uncertainty Air Berlin has announced it will be ending all flights in a matter of the weeks. In a letter to its employees on Monday, the airline said that flights under the airline code AB "according to the current state of things, will no longer be possible. Flights operated by its subsidiaries; Niki, an Austrian budget airline, and LG Walter, a German regional airline, will continue. The company said in the letter that "in a few days we'll know more" about this. It's now a question of how much capacity will be picked up by Lufthansa and most probably easyJet, and how many jobs this will protect. Air Berlin declared bankruptcy in August following years of losses and the decision of its biggest shareholder, Etihad, to cease bankrolling it.

Not just because of the fact that airplanes and more than employees were forced to move airlines. Founded it , started operations in ; it was operating for almost 39 years when its last ever commercial flights were in the air on October 27th, This privilege was exclusively granted to airlines from the United States, the United Kingdom and France. It ordered another 75 aircraft of the same type in Thanks to this take over, Air Berlin was now operating long haul flights with its newly acquired Airbus As. Just four months later, the airline placed an order for 28 Boeing Dreamliner with 25 more purchase rights. The order was cancelled in , due to financial reasons.

On Tuesday the 15th of August, Air Berlin officially filed for insolvency. It seems the withdrawal of financial support by Etihad was the final straw for the German carrier. Operations will continue as normal for the next few months thanks to an emergency loan from the government. But what happens now? We will inform and coordinate closely with you if any relevant developments unfold over the next few months.

Hopefully they are able to restructure and continue to operate in one form or another after that date. And tickets issued before filing date Aug. Besides from that the acceptance of such tix for transport is also a violation but it probably was the first decision of the official insolvency procurator to honour old tix for transportation as otherwise the company would shut down immediately without any potential for continuation and therefore chance of upholding value of assets. Unfortunately no compensations will be paid for flights before August 15th, due to effective insolvency regulations. Affected passengers have the opportunity to file the claim for the insolvency schedule after the opening of the insolvency proceedings. For all flights after August 15th kindly refer to our online claim form provided by our Guest Relations Team.

Thousands to be refused refunds as Europe's 10th biggest airline ceases trading





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    On Tuesday the 15th of August, Air Berlin officially filed for insolvency. Flight disruption claims (flight delays, cancellations and overbookings) If any further interruptions occur, ticket holders who booked directly with Air Berlin can apply exclusively for a refund of the.

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