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fairy tail next generation anime

Nashi Dragneel is a mage in Fairy Tail, daughter of Natsu and Lucy Dragneel. She is a Fire Dragon Slayer, but uses the hybrid magic Sun Dragon Slaying. Nashi is the first daughter of Natsu and Lucy Dragneel.

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Sign in. Watch now. Title: Next Generation 17 May With Fairy Tail as notoriously wild as ever, the Magic Council expresses its disapproval but is unable to force them to disband. Meanwhile, as Fairy Tail rebuilds, the suggestion that Makarov retires has him considering the possible candidates for his successor: his grandson Laxus, the reclusive Mystogan, and Erza. However, when he hears of the results of Erza and her group's latest mission, he reconsiders retiring. Written by Shahbaz Alam.

Welcome to the Fairy Tail: Next Generation Wikia Edit Saw a gif of Gray stripping and immediately started watching anime. 9. Other. 7.
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Currently, Fairy Tail: Next Generation has four volumes, two spin-offs, seven special side-chapters. The four current columes follow the adventures of the new Fairy Tail generation. The first volume was originally published in September , the series continues on its fourth today, planning to complete within the next two volumes. Original Wattpad Summary excluding author's note : "Years after the events seen in Fairy Tail, we see the adventures of our heroes' children as they travel Fiore seeking the adventure and action that their parents once had and still got, hey, they get around a bit still. Meet the children of Natsu and Lucy, Nashi and Liddan, as they meet the young Marigold and start their own adventures together. Enjoy the new story and hope some of our shipped couples become canon.

By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. The world of anime is no stranger is series revivals, but few franchises get asked to be resurrected so soon after they wrap. Earlier this year, Hiro Mashima brought his Fairy Tail manga to an end, but fans already want more. Now, a new piece of art from the creator has readers all but begging Mashima to give the magic guild another go. Over on Twitter, the Fairy Tail creator sent fans reeling when he posted a sketch of two adorable children. As you can imagine, the fandom went wild over the stunning artwork. The sketch was posted along with a length caption written by Mashima himself.

'Fairy Tail' Creator Teases The Series’ Next Generation


Fairy Tail Next Generation. Continue Fairy Tail !!!!! :D


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