Il capo dei capi 3 streaming

Il capo dei capi (Colonna sonora originale della serie TV)

il capo dei capi 3 streaming

Il capo dei capi - 3^ parte


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Capo truccatori Vincenzo Mastrantonio , Vittorio Sodano. Suono in presa diretta Massimo Simonetti , Andrea Moser. Direttori della fotografia Federico Masiero , Daniele Nannuzzi. La sua storia inizia con un episodio devastante: ancora adolescente, il futuro boss assiste impotente alla morte del padre e del fratello per lo scoppio di un residuato bellico. Da quel momento egli diventa il capo famiglia e deve affrontare un duro periodo di miseria; si unisce ai teppisti malavitosi di Corleone che fanno riferimento a Liggio. In quegli anni si crea un gruppo di fedelissimi, tra cui Provenzano Salvatore Lazzaro e Bagarella Marco Leonardi , che lo affiancheranno nel suo cammino.

The show originally aired 6 episodes which were approx 1hr 35min to 1hr 40min each. Later it was also aired in UK in year retitled as Carleone with 12 episodes of 1hr each. If you are a lover of good crime drama then this is definitely a good TV mini series for you to watch. All the episodes have hardcoded English subtitle for better understanding of Non-Italian viewers like me. All the copyright rests with the original producers, writers and publishers.

Sign in. Watch now. Biagio Schiro and Commissioner Boris Giuliano are en route to the airport of Palermo to intercept the French chemists who arrived to teach their counterpart clan Bontade how to cut the drugs. At the last moment, the Commissioner receives a phone call ordering him to do cancel the operation for lack of evidence of the guilt of the French. Toto Riina gives one of the henchmen of Bontade the amount of money which his dying brother needs. Toto and Ninetta are expecting their third child.

Corleone - Il capo dei capi - Periode 1963-1969 - (1)

Il capo dei capi 2

The series was broadcast in the UK in the spring of on the Sky Arts channel, retitled Corleone and split into 12 one-hour episodes. In , as a boy of 13 years, Riina is working in the fields around the town of Corleone when he finds a buried bomb. His father decides to take the bomb home, in order to extract the gunpowder from inside in order to sell it to hunters in order to supplement his very low farm labourer's income. The bomb explodes, killing Riina's father and younger brother, Ciccio, and leaving Salvatore as the head of the family to lead a life of misery. Waiting outside the prison gates are Provenzano, Bagarella and a new member of the gang, Luciano Maino. Riina soon picks up where he left off in Liggio's gang: intent on more power and infamy, the gang murder the capo Michele Navarra and plan to expand towards Palermo. As soon as they arrive, they begin straight away to demand respect: first killing a butcher who is late in paying for a load of clandestine meat, then killing an accountant who had paid protection to the wrong family.






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    Il Capo Dei Capi streaming racconta la vita di Toto Riina dal al Dall' adolescenza difficile fino alla presa di potere all'interno di "Cosa Nostra".

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