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apple television weebly com

Apple TV. Picture. The future of television. Buy now! Watch the promo. TV is a major part of our lives. We gather together around our big screens to watch big.

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Sierra EL Capitan. October Posting Schedule Become a writer. Watch OS 3 Videos watch Apple watch unboxing videos. Apple TV.

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Just when we thought the rumours of Apple making a television has finally been laid to rest, company executive Eddy Cue believes TV needs to be "reinvented". Head of Apple's internet software and sales division, Cue also leads the company's television efforts with the Apple TV set-top box. His comments come after years of speculation and rumours that Apple was planning to produce a television; with regard to how the system would work, the late Steve Jobs said he had "cracked it" shortly before his death in Today, you live with a glorified VCR. The problem is the interface," reports Business Insider. Echoing thoughts held by Jobs, Cue added: "It's really hard to use [a cable or satellite TV service]. Setting something to record, if you didn't watch something last night, if you didn't set it to record, it's hard to find, it may not be available.

Thanks for all the support. We will carry on posting soon. We will announce dates at some point! Breaking News! New iPad launched as well as a preview of Apple's upcoming 'Clips' app! We are amazed at the amount of likes we have got in the past few days.

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