Who built the moon

Who Built the Moon?

who built the moon

Who Built the Moon? is the third studio album by English rock band Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. It was released on 24 November , through Sour.

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It's hard to blame Noel Gallagher for opting for stability over adventure once he disbanded Oasis. After spending nearly 20 years battling his brother Liam , he needed to take things easy, and if his solo records -- Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds and Chasing Yesterday -- were a little too calm, consider it a consequence of navigating himself out of chaos. Despite achieving solo success, Gallagher seemed to have a nagging voice in the back of his head that he'd ceded the psychedelic ground he claimed at the height of Brit-pop. That voice began to beckon when he first launched his solo career, leading him to cut an album with trippy production team Amorphous Androgynous in but, unsatisfied with the results, he scrapped the project. This has been Noel 's stock in trade since the start, but during Oasis ' heyday, he'd undercut his conservatism by making a great, bloody racket and writing melodies that sliced into the subconscious -- calling cards he neglected in his bid from maturation. Who Built the Moon? Gallagher may not precisely serve up surprises here -- Holmes adds some attractive, quirky flair on the margin, but he's working with sounds Noel endorsed in the first act of his career -- but there is a certain rush hearing him opt for glam, psychedelia, and candied pop instead of respectable strumming.

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Such a figure is terrifying not for any destructive power it might possess, but simply for its uncanny presence: what is it doing here, now? This is not where it belongs. How can we escape it? There have been children born, raised, educated, employed and ruined in the years since Noel Gallagher last released a collection of music that meant anything to people. But, thanks to the regressive cultural time-warp in which we are all trapped, and thanks to the predictability of the British music press, he lingers. Apparently having been a major figure in the s is considered reason enough to lavish yet more time and attention on a career that long ago ran out of steam. At this remove, feels like another universe entirely.

Who Built the Moon? It was released on 24 November , through Sour Mash Records. The album was announced on 25 September through Gallagher's social media accounts, with the upcoming UK and Ireland tour. On 9 October , the song " Holy Mountain " was released as the first single. On 6 April , "She Taught Me How to Fly" was announced as the third single from the album, and released on 25th May with a coinciding music video.

Who Built The Moon?

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Noel's third solo album is certainly his most ambitious. He's talked it up as some sort of cosmic pop as suggested in the album's artwork. The three instrumentals.
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