Wrestling john cena vs the rock

John Cena vs. The Rock: Who Is The Best Wrestler Ever? VOTE

wrestling john cena vs the rock

John Cena and The Rock shake hands after the match (via themindfulsensualist.com) WWE Universe—save Punk—questioned the part-time wrestler/actor's ability to proclaim aside—rekindling his own story of garnering respect—to reveal The Rock vs.

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Last June, when The Washington Post published an op-ed suggesting he could be a viable candidate, Johnson posted a screen grab and gave the idea a boost. No taxes! The bar has been lowered. Being the recipient of a Stone Cold Stunner is no longer a death knell to a political campaign. The Rock loves the troops and leans right. He is absurdly likable and has an excellent memory, as Weaver explained in her feature. The Democrats would have to counter, and on the same level.

That match is already in the history books — but before the fans get to watch it, here is a little blast from the past. Take a look at some of the best matches in WrestleMania history:. This led to the feud between the two superstars at the Grandest Stage of Them All. In a fight which was completely dominated by the 7 foot tall man, Hogan produced one of the most iconic moments in WWE history, when he lifted Andre the Giant to plant him down on the mat. No one thought the odd pound wrestler could do that. Eventually, he delivered a leg drop to earn the win and retain his title. It was literally announced a year before it ever happened, and was given the main event slot.

John Cena vs. The Rock was a match in the making for many years. Both were icons of their respective eras. A legend from the past was coming back. Enter the Great One.

They are tired of his character. But, WWE has a business to run. Cena sells more merchandise than any other wrestler, he is the face of the company, and the match result Sunday was the best for long-term business. Miz won clean in the middle with the figure four leg lock. So, the de-pushing of Barrett continues, which I find quite mystifying. Big Show then knocked out his partners after the match. Beginning of an Orton heel turn?

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John Cena vs. The Rock

The Rock will be squaring off against John Cena in what has become the most hyped event in the last 10 years of WrestleMania. Both have forever left their mark on the sport and both will surely be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Accomplishments : 19 total championships, including 12 world titles and a record 10 WWE championships. He uses that strength to pick up smaller opponents and throw them around the ring until he can land the submission. He has the speed and quickness to get by guys like Mark Henry, while still possessing the strength to bodyslam him. WrestleMania History : Cena checks in with a record in the biggest event of the year. After getting back on track against Batista, last year, The Rock cost him a win against The Miz as he interfered in the middle of the match.

Sign in. Watch now. Title: Rock vs. Cena: Once in a Lifetime Video Held in Uniondale, NY. A group of diamond thieves on the run kidnap the wife of a recently discharged marine who goes on a chase through the South Carolinian wilderness to retrieve her.

In order to look at the WrestleMania match that just took place, we must first analyze the year as a whole in relation to each superstar. In short, John Cena struggled throughout most of the year. Part of his yearlong struggle was caused by an injury that sidelined him for a few months—and subsequently halted the Punk-Cena feud that echoed many of the old WWF squabbles in the halcyon days. The other cause of the Cena slump was caused by creative. As closed, John Cena faced Dolph Ziggler in what seems to be a drawn out feud meant to keep the focus on these two superstars in-waiting.

John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. As a wrestler, he is currently signed to WWE. Cena was born and raised in West Newbury, Massachusetts. He moved to California in , where he pursued a career as a bodybuilder before transitioning into professional wrestling in when he debuted for Ultimate Pro Wrestling UPW. In WWE, Cena gained industry fame after adopting a persona of a trash-talking rapper, [11] [12] and won his first singles title, the United States Championship , in


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