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elias the ancient magus bride

Elias Ainsworth (????????????, Eriasu Einzuwasu) is one of the main protagonists of the series. He is the purchaser, magic teacher, and husband of Chise Hatori. Chise Hatori mentions that his eyes change depending on his emotions.

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The Mage with lack understandings of humans and the emotions they feel, that well spoken and somewhat intimidating persona, the deep feelings he has for Chise that he can't describe, and the fact that many people in the series have many mixed feelings about him rather to trust him or not. I don't think this theory is that far off, in fact it might be the most likely theory to be 'canon' aside from the Chimera theory. This may be a slight stretch to theorize this, and with it being in the Witch's field and not in the Mage's it's not too believable. There is possibility of it being unsettling, I did see after the facts some stories gathered on the Skin-Walkers. I didn't read them but I will assume they will be unsettling, so a warning if you want to check the site where I got my facts from. We've seen Elias, after the first encounter with Joseph, transform several times into beastly forms.

Elias Ainsworth is one of the main characters in The Ancient Magus' Bride. Elias is the master/teacher and fiance of Chise Hatori. He lack human emotions, after some time caring for Chise he has slowly developed a true fondness for her.
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Es un mago y uno de los personajes principales de Mahou Tsukai no Yome. Chise menciona que sus ojos cambian dependiendo de sus emociones. Lleva un traje de tres piezas: una chaqueta de traje negro que fluye hasta las rodillas con largas mangas bordadas, emparejado con un chaleco azul y una camiseta blanca. Un tipo de corbata bolo necktie se dobla justo debajo de su cuello, le fue regalada por el que le dio su nombre. Gana una cola y unas garras. Un manto negro andrajoso parece cubrirse con su espalda, aunque parece ser una parte de su cuerpo.

Wit Studio produced a three-part prequel OVA of the manga and produced an anime television series adaptation that aired from October to March Having been ostracized by both her relatives and partially by society, orphaned high school student Chise Hatori decides to sell herself at an auction in order for somebody else to take her in and have a new place to call home. At the auction in London, she is sold for five million pounds to Elias Ainsworth, a seven-foot-tall humanoid with an animal skull for a head. This magus, who seems closer to demon than human, will either bring her the light she desperately seeks or drown her in ever deeper shadows in her new country, Britain. A drama CD was bundled with the limited edition of the fifth volume, released in March A three-part prequel anime was announced in the fifth volume of the manga. Wit Studio produced the animation and Production I.

Elias Ainsworth

I will most likely get around to it in a future installment. However, if you want to make sure I cover something, feel free to leave me a comment below or even tweet at me link to my Twitter in the sidebar. His head is a skull that looks to be a cross between some type of canine and a ram or type of antelope.

What is Elias Ainsworth? - Theory

Has the usually calm and composed mage, Elias Ainsworth, just shown his true form on the Japanese fantasy anime series, "The Ancient Magus' Bride"? How will this horrific form work for or against him as he fights to save his future bride's life in the next episode? Elias, along with his apprentice and would-be wife, Chise Hatori, encountered him at a graveyard when Elias was sent to check out if a Grimm that has been lurking there was dangerous. Before going, Elias also gave Chise a ring that worked to reduce the amount of magic she could generate and thus help in preserving her life. However, despite the mage's best effort, Chise's natural instinct to save others worked against her. The Grimm, whose name was Yuris, turned out to be harmless. But Alice, by asking Elias' help to save Renfred from Cartaphilus, has also brought upon them the sorcerer's threat.



Elias Ainsworth(????????????, Eriasu Einzuwasu). Es un mago y uno de los personajes En su forma mas comun, Elias The Ancient Magus' Bride .
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