Alestorm no grave but the sea

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alestorm no grave but the sea

No Grave But the Sea is the fifth studio album by Scottish Pirate Metal band Alestorm, released on 26 May Contents. 1 Track listing; 2 Personnel; 3 Charts.

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Depending on who you believe, Alestorm are either the most fun a metalhead can have while being fully clothed or an abominable novelty that should never have survived this long. Instead, this is simply the next batch of irresistibly boisterous and, yes, rather stupid singalongs, all underpinned by a thunderous blend of folk and power metal, with plenty of contemporary sonic oomph ensuring that, daft or not, these songs sound as preposterous and majestic as intended. Newly minted theme song Alestorm takes the band into slightly heavier territory than ever before, albeit with yet another instantly memorable chorus that could hardly be the work of any other band. Meanwhile, one particular song more than justifies the entrance fee on its own. Alestorm have never been subtle and neither have they ever pretended to be more serious or mysterious than they plainly are. But they have never been quite so hysterically childish and, as a result, hilarious as they are on platinum plated album highlight, Fucked With An Anchor. If ever the world needed an anthem to ease us through the uncertainty and chaos of an age ruled by fuckwits, this is it.

Or browse results titled :. Alestorm Perth, UK. No other band in the galaxy creates such epic modern symphonic folk metal anthems with endless hooks that will be stuck in your head until the heat death of the universe. Or in Alestorm's own words Contact Alestorm. Streaming and Download help.

Alestorm - No Grave But The Sea album review

Alestorm – No Grave but the Sea Review

Translate Email Print. No Grave But The Sea 2. Mexico 3. Alestorm 5. Fucked With An Anchor 7. Pegleg Potion 8.

Well, Disney 's hardly interested in hijacking boorish metal music into their PGinterpretation of the seven seas. Funny, since the keelhauling within the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films has been pretty jacked, all considered, so a little splash of metal would make a righteous kraken roar. Whether you favor rum or Belhaven Ale, or both, the Scottish quintet makes no bones—other than maybe those gnawed upon by dead sailor smorgasbord hunters of the deep—when the group describes its nutty brand of metal as, "stupid songs about getting drunk and stealing treasure. You basically do the same thing to more sanitized effects when purchasing a ticket to Medieval Times. Throughout the title track, with brass and violin lofting the brisk march, he still yowls about leading his agents of slaughter over blue horizons. The opening to "Mexico" thereafter is beyond goofy with a Nintendo digi-spritz setting up a rousing summons to Central America in search of margaritas and a land with no ice and snow.

No Grave but the Sea for Dogs (Bonus Track)



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