Passo di san boldo

San Boldo Pass, Cison Di Valmarino: Address, San Boldo Pass Reviews: 4.5/5

passo di san boldo

Passo San Boldo - Alpen 2017


The San Boldo Pass is a small but amazing mountain pass located at the southern edge of the Italian Alps. It connects the towns of Trichiana m , in the Veneto region with Tovena m in the Cison di Valmarino region, over a distance of 13 km. San Boldo Pass is one of the most incredible and daring architectural works of the First World War and is famous for its dense series of bends carved straight into the mountain. This road has always had a considerable historic importance. It dates back to Roman times and was flanked at that time by several watchtowers. You can still find the ruins of a Byzantine fort in the area.

A crossing at metres above sea level, the San Boldo Pass is located in the Belluno pre-Alps and connects the province of Trento to that of Belluno. It can be reached via 2 faces: one from Trichiana or another from Tovena. Stars: s. Interested in this challenge? Share it with your bike friends! Details Lenght: 6.

Amazing feat of engineering and impressive to see.
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Today we reach the San Boldo from the town of Tovena occupies the motorist for about 20 minutes. But the climb to Passo has not always been so quick and pleasant. For centuries, merchants and raftmen, farmers and shepherds, sheep, horses and mules loaded with merchandise climbed laboriously on the steps of the joists larch obtained between the rocks that made up the last stretch of the trail leading to the San Boldo. The carts pulled by cattle in fact they could only get to the place Cargacar, just after the village, where they were the exchange of goods, from there went on foot or mule, making a stop at Christ, breath taking perhaps reciting a prayer. Only at the beginning of the last century was built the current road that provides easy access to the towns of St.

Ranking world: all Ranking Italy: all Ranking Dolomites: all Difficulty score: The San Boldo is situated in Veneto. This climb belongs to the Dolomites. The San Boldo via Tovena is ranked number of the Dolomites. This San Boldo approach starts in Tovena. The San Boldo climb is 5. You gain heightmeters, so the average gradient is 7.

Comune di Cison di Valmarino (TV)

San Boldo Pass, the “Road of 100 Days”

The mountain pass is called the SP and only one lane is passable, the traffic is regulated by several sets of lights. There are five tunnels blasted into the rock with hairpin turns or loops, and six bridges. Although the need to rebuild the steep road over the San Boldo pass into a motorable road was clear by the end of the 19th century, this project languished until the Austro-Hungarian army accomplished it from February to June as part of its World War I logistical efforts. The road to supply the Piave front was built in only three months. Due to its short construction period, it is nicknamed the "Road of Days. In its final construction phase, 1, workers worked in three shifts to build this strategically important connection.

Passo San Boldo is a mountain pass located between the cities of Trichiana and Tovena Cison di Valmarino in Veneto, Italy, at an elevation of m 2, ft that lies in the northern reaches of the Italian Alps. The most challenging part of the climb is a short stretch of m including 7 hairpin turns. The road still remains an adrenaline-pumping journey and is definitely not for the faint of lungs, heart, or legs. The drive is definitely worth it. The road, called SP , just allows traffic in one direction, alternating with traffic lights. The ramp to access the south side by the neck back is a nearly vertical wall with a series of five turns through tunnels carved into the rock connected by six bridges.



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    The San Boldo Pass is a small mountain pass in Veneto between the towns of Trichiana [ m (1, ft)] and Tovena in the Cison di Valmarino region [ m ( ft)] over a distance San Boldo Pass. Passo San Boldo. PassoSanBoldo1.

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